Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust


Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

Virtual Transition

Understandably, many of you may be anxious about the transition from your primary school to Kirk Balk Academy. Due to the restrictions currently in place and the cancellation of our previously scheduled transition dates, we are delighted to offer students a virtual transition which includes information, tasks and activities within this section of our website. Here you can find the Kirk Balk Academy Transition Video and a Transition Information Booklet. We also advise all parents and carers to follow our Twitter page (@KirkBalk) to stay up to date with the ongoing work of the Academy and our students.


Kirk Balk Academy Transition Video

We are delighted to welcome the class of 2026 to Kirk Balk Academy. Please view our Transition Video below.

After watching, please follow the link below to complete the necessary Google form in order to ask the Senior Leadership Team any questions you may have about the Academy:


PROUD Thursday online

A huge part of our culture at Kirk Balk Academy is the celebration of our students’ achievements. Each week at Kirk Balk Academy, you will be able to bring any work that you are proud of to our PROUD Thursday event. This is where you will be able to present your very best work to senior members of staff. In return, you will receive a certificate to celebrate your achievements and a snack sized reward treat.

To continue to celebrate achievements, an online version of PROUD Thursday exists where students can submit their very best work via the following email address: [email protected].


Student Information Booklet

The Student Information Booklets have been designed to give further information about the Academy’s vision and values, as well as information about uniforms, the Academy day and much, much more. If you would like to access the electronic version to find out more you can find the file below, alongside the Parent Information Booklet.


If parents and students have any further questions about our transition process, please contact the Academy on 01226 742 286 or e-mail questions directly to [email protected].


Knowledge Retrieval Sheets

Knowledge Retrieval Sheets (KRS) are used at the start of each lesson by every student so they can recap prior learning and begin to learn new subject matter from their Need To Know Books (NTKB). A version of the Y7 KRS is located below.


Can you read through the KRS above and complete the retrieval quiz by following this link:

Submit your results to PROUD Thursday online by emailing us at: [email protected]


Year 7 Ties

The new Year 7 tie is now available to purchase from Vortex. Please clink the link below to access the tie section of the Vortex website:


Orient Gene Testing

Please view the video below regarding our Orient Gene testing centre.

Kirk Balk Academy is a member of the Northern Education Trust.
We constantly focus on standards as we understand outcomes are paramount. Our decision making is driven entirely by what is best for children. By doing this we enhance the life chances of the children and young people in our care.