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Class of 2020

Our Class of 2020 are truly special, and sadly have been hit particularly hard by the effects of the pandemic, with the loss of their rite of passage through exams, leaving ceremonies and prom. Nonetheless, our pride in their achievements and conduct remains undimmed, and on behalf of everyone at Northern Education Trust Kirk Balk Academy, we would like to offer our congratulations to Year 11 and wish them the very best for their future.

Online Yearbook

This online yearbook has been set up to allow you to leave a farewell message and
reflect on your memories at Kirk Balk Academy over the last five years.

Leave your name and message below. Send us your photographs by emailing them to [email protected]

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11 entries.
Spencer Coles wrote on July 19, 2020:
OMG, where do I begin. I absolutely LOVED my 5 years at KBA. The teachers, amazing. The students, the best. Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome every day walking down the boulevard. I will remember these memories forever.
Joe Wood wrote on July 19, 2020:
Hello everyone! I just want to say how grateful I am for the hard working teachers who have helped me through my time pushing me to do extra revision and get my grades (i’m so happy) I’ve made so many amazing friends such as Spencer Coles and Harry Whitham who help me in all kinds of ways to get me my grades I always look up to them for advice and an even bigger thanks to Mollie Holden for making school extremely enjoyable and giving me a great experience couldn’t ask for a better friend! Thank you for everything Kirk Balk I will miss it greatly.
Spencer Coles wrote on July 19, 2020:
I’m very upset about leaving this amazing school so early making amazing friends such as Blake who has been my best buddy all through my time here! I also want to thank the amazing teachers and how they do their jobs better than anyone in the world. I’ve had so much fun and can’t thank everyone who works there enough for making it extremely enjoyable through my time here
Grace Lindley wrote on July 19, 2020:
Made many memories which will stay with me forever.Loved spending my time at kirkbalk to mature and become a better person.
Minipher Grierson wrote on July 17, 2020:
The last 5 years have been amazing and the friendships I built will undoubtedly stay with me. Thanks to the teachers and their endless support for us. Thank you!
Calli wrote on July 16, 2020:
Would like to thank every teacher that really did try their best to push me to be the best I could be and thankyou to the few friends that stuck by me through my 5 years , may not have been the best time for me but I am forever greatful for the memories . A huge thankyou to mrs hauge in particular as she really did help me in every way she could and I couldn’t appreciate it more . Good luck to the future everyone 🤠
Elisha Hunt wrote on July 15, 2020:
I’ve had a great 5 years with amazing people and teachers, I will be Forever grateful
Sam Pickering, Charlie Baker, Lewis Easter, Billy Hopkinson wrote on July 10, 2020:
Been all the way through high school with my very best friends and made many more along the way I will miss all the amazing teachers who have contributed to my future and I will be forever grateful
Murray child wrote on July 10, 2020:
Best 5 years of my life, made amazing memories with great friends and teachers love you all
Mia Hodgson wrote on July 10, 2020:
I would like to say thank you to certain people and teachers for making my time at Kirk balk a pleasure. I have had some great times an I will miss certain people and teacher, thank you. 😉
Molly-Ann Parks wrote on July 10, 2020:
Would like to thank certain individuals for the amount of help you gave me during the last 5 years, I have made a great group of friends and I most certainly won't forget any of you! I have had a great time getting to know you all individually you have all been brilliant friends. I would also like to thank all of my teachers for the amount of help you have given me during my time at Kirkbalk although it has been a short amount of time together you all made my time at school amazing. It's a shame it had to end like this I wish you all the best in the future!! CLASS OF 2020!! :):):)