Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

Mock Interviews
January 24, 2020, 2:45 pm

Year 10 students put to the test in mock interviews

In order to further our careers offer in the academy, we invited all Year 10 students to try and get hired by applying their employability skills developed in Life lessons during a mock interview. Over 20 volunteers from local businesses spent a full day at Kirk Balk Academy supporting our students to gain first hand experience what its like to be interviewed for a job.

There was some excellent feedback from employers, with 35 students receiving ‘Star Interview’ and an amazing 71 students would have been invited for a second interview if it was a real situation.
Comments from employers included, “great young people – they all should be proud of themselves” and “some good students that give the school a great impression”.

Students also commented that, “it gave me a better idea of what a real interview was like”, “I have learnt what employers look for and will try and improve my skills” and “the interviewer gave me some pointers to help my future career”.

A huge well done to all of our Year 10 students who performed exceptionally and as always, represented the academy superbly well.

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