Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
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Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

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June 17, 2019, 1:12 pm

Y11 Leaving Arrangements

As the GCSE season is now well and truly upon us and as your child’s time with us comes to an end, I wanted to write to you for obvious reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your incredible support during your son/daughter’s time with us here at Kirk Balk Academy. The year group have proven to be nothing short of awe-inspiring with regards to their commitment to their studies, their genuine support of each other, and their willingness to grab hold of every learning opportunity we have offered them. Year 11 have approached all aspects of their work with excellent focus, and I have no doubt that your work at home, coaxing them to revise systematically, alongside encouraging attendance at all the after-school sessions, in the end, will have made a significant difference.

Thank you also for making arrangements for your son/daughter to attend our numerous early Warm-Up Breakfast Sessions and I would ask once more that you continue to support this for all remaining examinations.

I speak on behalf of us all here at Kirk Balk Academy when I wish your child all the very best in their examinations. We will, as ever, continue to support them as best we can over the coming weeks.

Secondly, I wanted to explain the arrangements for Year 11 leaving our academy as we enter the last few days of their time with us, including notifying you of the forthcoming Leavers’ Assembly.

I can now confirm that in order to support your child as they prepare for their remaining exams, they will be allowed to study at home under your supervision from today (Friday 14th June 2019). Please note that should you wish for your child to remain in school for the rest of their time we will accommodate them throughout the exam period as normal.Please inform us in writing if you’d like this to be the case.

Obviously, students who have remaining examinations after this date will still be required to attend, in full academy uniform, for the examinations and associated ‘Master Classes’ only.

On Friday 5th July, students will be invited back to have an extended Leavers’ Assembly and Prom Breakfast. They do not need to report into school until 9:00am on this day. I must stress however, that students must attend in full uniform for this Leavers’ Assembly and Prom Breakfast or they will be turned away. On this morning, students are permitted to bring a spare shirt for signing, remembering of course that these signed shirts cannot be worn for any remaining examinations later in the week, for obvious reasons! It is during this time that staff will also be happy to write in any Leavers’ Books that students may have. This will be a lovely event for the students and it will also provide us with an opportunity to distribute any Leavers’ Hoodies that students may have ordered.

Miss Haliday, working alongside Mrs Pollock, have been coordinating our annual Leavers’ Hoodies. As stated above, students can collect these on Friday 5th July following the Leavers’ Assembly. Purchasing the Hoodies should be done via Parent Pay. Once payment has been made students must liaise with Mrs Pollock directly about sizing requirements. The Hoodies are priced at £15.95 plus VAT although students who are able to present their signed and verified ‘Enrichment Sessions’ card may qualify for a Hoodie at the reduced price of £5.00; as promoted with all Year 11 students earlier in the term.

So that everyone understands our position clearly, when in for examinations and warm up session, students in Year 11 are still required to attend in full academy uniform and are still expected to adhere to all our academy rules whenever they are in the building. We would not expect students to break any of the rules regarding jewellery, make-up or mobile phone usage either. Your child’s attendance at key sessions and their conduct whilst on site continues to be linked to rewards, such as their invitation to our annual Prom and the Leavers’ Assembly.

Please stress to your child that we do not want to engage in conversations about basic issues such as uniform reminders.

In terms of some final ‘housekeeping’ you should be aware that we had a Year 11 Photograph taken recently and these are available for purchase. If you would like one of these as a memento of your child’s time here then please contact Mrs Jordan as soon as possible. Furthermore, your child should begin to empty their locker over the next few days. This will make it easier than all doing so at the same time. There will not be an opportunity to visit or empty lockers on the Leavers’ Assembly Day, as students will be based in the Main Hall and will enter and leave the academy via the community entrance. Remember, students must trade back their locker key to get their cash deposit returned. An opportunity for this to be done has occurred today and a further opportunity to trade back keys will be given as part of the Leavers’ Assembly. Students are also reminded to return any English Literature set texts to the Library as soon as possible.

Finally, it is worth reminding parents that the Kirk Balk Prom takes place on the same day as the Leaver’s Assembly, namely: Friday 5th July at the Holiday Inn, Dodworth, from 6:30pm until 11:00pm. The arrival phase of this event is often magnificent and it would be a pleasure to see you all there for this prestigious part of the evening.

I may write to you again shortly with a couple of other requests, but in the meantime and on behalf of all the teachers and staff at Kirk Balk Academy, I wish you and your families well and your son/daughter all the very best for a bright future. Year 11 are a genuine credit to their parents and families, not just for their studious approach and resilience, but for their warmth and friendliness too.

Your child will be able to collect their real GCSE results on Thursday 22nd August from 10:00am.

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